Monday, January 31, 2011

Openflow @ Internet2 Joint Techs in Clemson

Indiana University hosted a BoF session on Openflow this afternoon at the Internet2 Joint Techs Workshop in Clemson, SC.   Chris Small did an excellent job organizing the session and pulled off a great demo of VM mobility.  I presented the intro slides and did a short demo of an Openflow controller from Big Switch Networks.

We counted 60+ people in the room they scheduled for us.  It was packed and there were people standing in the hall.  I asked for a show of hands of people who had never heard of Openflow (0 hands) and of people who knew very little or nothing about Openflow (2-3 hands).  60 people, primarily campus network engineers, in the room and nearly all of them knew something about Openflow.  I was completely blown away !  They ended up moving us to the auditorium so more people could join.  I counted 88 people once we were settled in the auditorium !

Overall it was a good session with some excellent side discussions afterwards.  Next up is GEC10 in Puerto Rico !