Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Openflow Testbed Taking Shape

I started my morning with a nice walk across campus to Lindley Hall for a meeting with Rob Henderson. I have to interject that it was a great morning to walk across campus - 60 degrees and sunny !  It sure beats 10th and the Bypass !!   Anyway the primary topic of the meeting was our Openflow testbed, but we wondered off on a number of different topics.  We need to get people to help us test Openflow and Informatics & Computer Sciences seemed like a logical place to start.  Rob is onboard and we're ready to start rolling !

Our first step will be to deploy a wireless SSID for Openflow.  The SSID will function exactly like our 802.1x SSID (IU Secure) except the user traffic will be plumbed through a couple of Openflow enabled switches before it hits the first router.  The key advantages are (1) we can easily deploy an Openflow SSID to thousands of APs to get a lot of users and (2) users can opt-in and out easily simply be switching SSIDs (which will be helpful if something breaks).  

In parallel with the wireless deployment, we'll be deploying Openflow on production switches for wired users, first in the UITS complex at WCC and then at Informatics and CS.  If all goes well, we could have Openflow enabled on 15-20 switches by the end of July along with the wireless deployment.


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