Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Openflow @ Internet2 Joint Techs

Internet2 is holding their summer Joint Techs Workshop at Ohio State this week and Openflow was featured prominently on yesterday's afternoon's agenda.  At 3:00 Srini Seeththaraman from Stanford gave an excellent overview of Openflow.  I followed that up with a talk at 4:30 that was focused on the practical aspects of  potential Openflow applications in R&E network and what network engineers can do to get started.  That was immediately followed by a presentation from Heidi Picher Dempsey from the GENI Project Office who talked about GENI and Openflow's application within the GENI infrastructure.  GENI and Openflow were also the primary topic among the regional networks at the Gigapop Geeks BoF with both Heidi and I leading discussions.  There were many good questions and excellent discussion about Openflow and GENI.

The slides and archived video from all of the presentations is available on the Internet2 Joint Techs Workshop agenda page:  


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