Monday, April 28, 2008

The Cast of Characters

I thought I should introduce some of the people working on the project so, when I say Jason did this or Dwight did that, you'll know who I'm talking about !

There's a core engineer group that is working through the myriad of engineering issues involved in getting the project from the RFP stage to the full-scale deployment phase. This is by no means a complete list of people working on the project !! A deployment of scale involves *many* people from all parts of the organizations !!

Ed Furia, who rose to fame as part of the video group, is the project manager for the wireless project. Ed's also involved in a lot of the engineering work, especially related to WPA2 Enterprise. Ed's done an excellent job of getting up to speed on the project in just a few weeks !

Jason Mueller, who hails from Iowa and the University of Iowa, started his tenure at IU just 5 short (or long) weeks ago. Jason has a seriously "mad" wireless skills - (How's that for modern pre-teen lingo!) - and really great experience from deploying Iowa's wireless network.

Dwight Hazen and Charlie Escue round out the group and have loads of experience and great ideas !

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