Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Equipment is rolling in...

It's always an exciting part of a project when those emails titled "packing at the dock" start rolling into my inbox :)

Last Friday a small box with about 80 LX SFPs arrived. These are for the upgrade of the core switches we're working on (I promise I'll put up a post describing what we're doing there soon). Yesterday I got a "package at the dock" email that said there were 16 boxes form Cisco - WOO HOO !!! This got my hopes up that the new Cisco 6500 interface cards we're waiting on started showing up early - which would be awesome ! Hans was nice enough to run over to the dock for me (remember, I'm hanging out in northern Virginia) only to find it was only the daughter cards that attach to the interface cards :-( So we'll enter them into the inventory DB and put them in the storage room and wait *patiently* for the cards they mate to. The new server hardware to upgrade the RADIUS servers showed up yesterday too !

Keep it coming !

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