Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let the fun begin !

After MANY months of working on the RFP for IU's next-generation wireless network, we FINALLY made an award this past Monday !! Of course that means now the REAL work starts !

Starting very soon now (soon = about 3-4 weeks from today) we will start deploying a new, improved and much larger wireless network using HP ProCurve's ZL wireless system. I know, I know - you probably have all sorts of questions like "why are we doing this ?" and "what do I get out of it ?". Hang tight ! I'm well over 30 and new to this new fangled blogging thing, but I'll try to get everyone up to speed over the next week or so. So stay tuned and you'll learned everything you wanted to know about wireless and probably a few things you didn't want to know !

If you want the readers digest version, hang on for a few more days and I'll post a link to the video podcast we just shot about an hour ago over at the Wells Library. I think I covered all the topics I had in my outline, so this should give you a reasonably decent overview.

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