Friday, May 16, 2008

14 Down - Only 4,786 to go !!

This morning we completed the core upgrade transition and wireless upgrade for essentially 2 buildings - the UITS Comm Services building and WCC. The team put in 3 very long days getting ready, but it was definitely worth the effort as the changes this morning went off without a hitch (well, almost) !!

The 2 things we caught this morning were that the WESM's (aka controllers) had redundancy configured, but it was not enabled. Also, the radio port adoption settings had the right default power levels, but were set for random channel assignment instead of automatic (intelligent) channel assignment. I caught both of these before they started connecting the new APs, so they all came up with the right settings. Charlie pushed these config changes to the other 10 WESMs, so we're set to go.

On another topic, if you ever wondered what 348 wireless access points looked like, that's what you're looking at up above. They come 12 in a carton and there are 29 cartons there. Now just imagine what 4,800 would look like :) This is why we're trying to pace the delivery - otherwise we'd need a LOT of storage space !!

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