Thursday, May 8, 2008

The APs are coming, the APs are coming !!

That's right, we just received confirmation that our first 255 Access Points arrived at Fedex in Columbus Indiana just a couple of hours ago. We'll take a few of these APs to install in all the UITS buildings later next week and another 190 of them to install in 8 buildings in Bloomington starting on May 19th. We also received 14 WESM modules (aka controllers) earlier in the week, so we have enough hardware for the complete 8 WESM deployment at IUPUI and 1 of the 2 12 WESM deployments at IUB.

In case you're interested in the technology, the WESM modules can be deployed in groups of 12 (or less). Wireless clients can "roam" seamless across all the APs that are associated to any of the 12 WESMs in the "Mobility Group". At IUPUI, we will initially have 8 WESM modules (some of which are for redundancy purposes only) in a Mobility Group to support the 600 APs we plan to deploy there. At IUB, we will have 24 WESM modules (again, some are just back-ups) in 2 separate Mobility Groups to support the 4,200 APs we plan to deploy there.

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