Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oops, forgot to mention the core upgrade

The core upgrade project is moving along smoothly as well. We received the last few bits of the equipment yesterday - a shipment of XENPACK modules - so we have everything we need to move full steam ahead. Thanks to some hard work over the weekend, all of the new 24-port and 48-port gigabit ethernet modules are installed in the core switches in Bloomington.

This Thursday and Friday they'll be swapping out the Supervisor 720a cards for Supervisor 720bxl cards in the core switches. Essentially this will allow us to turn the core switches into full blown routers with MPLS capabilities. Once this is completed, we'll connect the core switches up to the backbone, configure routing and prepare for migrating the routing function for all the campus buildings to these switches. These transitions will happen building by building as we upgrade the wireless equipment in the buildings. Once we transition the routing for all buildings to the core switches (ie complete the replacement of all existing wireless APs), the core upgrade will be complete. Sounds easy, right ?

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